About Website abc4restaurant:

We are dedicated to restaurant business!

The website provides restaurant address, telephone, work time, menu with words, images, price and bundle food prices and online order(if the restaurants set it up). Restaurnts also can provide Coupon, email service to their customers. We don't involve the payment transactions between restaurants and customers. All these service are free use for restaurants and customers. We'd like receive any suggestion and opinion from customers or restaurants so that we do better work for servcing restaurants and customers.

How to generate online order:
After customers submit their orders, The website will generate a receipt page for viewing.
How to deliver the order to restaurant:
Simultaneously, the order emails are sent to Restaurant store and customer email which customer and restaurant provide.
How to know an order is sent to restaurant:
For receiving the order email instantly, the restaurant stores have to have Wi-Fi or internet connected device like PC, laptop or mobile phone for receiving the order emails. While the order emails are received, the device will notificate them with sound.
Service connection:
If the restaurant has trouble to finish the order on time, the restaurant server can phone call the customer and discuss in detail.
Zero online order commission fee:
Restaurants or customers don't pay any commission to us because of their online orders. Our website doesn't involve money transaction between restaurants and customers.
Device requirements:
The website can be operated with mobile device, laptop or P. Up to now we don't find any device which can't be used.
Share the information in social internet website:
The restaurant inforamtion can be shared in different social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, WeXin, QQ.
If you have any problem using the website normally or any suggestion to us, you can contact us by clicking contact page.